Wholesale Direct Lending Program for SMEs

Short term loan and capability building assistance to SME Export Sector.
Working capital
 Also available for
- Check Rediscounting Facility to finance P.O.’s and LC’s of end borrower/member;
- Acquisition of equipment & tools needed in operations;
- Improvement of workplace, storage, or warehouse facility;
- Advertisement & promotion design, packaging & other quality maintenance & upgrading costs;
- Participation of members exporters in local & international trade shows.
 Mode of Credit Delivery
Funds to accredited partner-borrower for relending to its member exporters/clients.
 Eligibility Criteria
Financial Institutions - BSP accredited financial institution
Exporter Association
1. Duly registered with SEC/CDA with at least two(2) years in operation
2. Debt to equity ratio of 5:1
3. Well-managed records, accounting & internal control systems, including:
- a. Membership directory of at least 10 active members
- b. Written Policies
- c. Board Resolutions
4. With good leadership
5. Available to direct and indirect exporters
6. With at least 85% membership fee collection rate
 Program Features
All Eligible Partner/Conduit BSP accredited financial institution Exporters Organizations - primary associations, federations, chambers, chapters and cooperatives
 Eligible End Borrowers

1.Direct Exporters - any entity that earns foreign exchange revenues

2.Indirect Exporters -supply chain of direct exporters

 Credit Limit
Financial Institutions:
- Minimum P 10 Million
- Maximum P 50 Million

Exporters Organization
- Minimum P 10 Million
- Maximum P 50 Million

Single Borrower's Limit for End Borrower
- P2.5 Million
Collateral Requirements
REM, CHM and other acceptable collaterals; Partner-borrower may require other collaterals
Financing Charges For One Year Revolving Credit Line
Interest Rate - PDST-F rate plus applicable spread
Handling Fee - P 10,000 payable upfront
Service Fee - P 5,000 for every availment
Out-of-pocket Expenses - Actual
Repayment Terms - Principal – One time payment based on maximum one (1) year Promissory Note Interest – discounted
Soft Loan Facility for
Capacity Building

 Eligible Purpose
Building up of data bank and members’ profile, common service/business support facility improvements, marketing & networking, & upgrading of MIS, accounting & internal control systems
 Maximum Loan Amount
5% of the approved credit line provided that the total amount shall not exceed the original amount of the line
 Interest Rate
2% lower than Wholesale Lending Rate
 Repayment Terms
One time payment of principal
At least 50% of the line has been availed

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