Guarantee Program for Large Accounts

  • Guarantees on loans to direct and indirect exporters, firms involved in priority projects of the National Government and import substitution industries.
  • Promotes and faciiltate the entry of foreign loans into the country for development purposes having special regard to the needs of export-oriented industries, industries registered with the Board of Investments, public utiilities, and industries the promotion of which is encouraged by government policy.
  • Guarantees on investments (Equity and Debt)
  • CAPEX inclusive of land acquisition
  • Working capital
  • Project financing
 Program Features
 Guarantee Coverage
Up to 90% of the principal of the approved loan
 Eligible Borrowers
Any entity, enterprise or corporation organized or licensed to engage business in the Philippines
 Debt to Equity Ratio
3:1 maximum (after financing)
 Exposure Limit
Maximum: Single Borrower's Limit
Fixed or Revolving
 Short Term
up to 1 year
 Medium Term
more than 1 year up to 3 years
 Long Term
more than 3 years
Project assets and other acceptable collaterals
 Application Fee
P100,000 plus GRT, payable up-front upon application, non-refundable
 Processing Fee
1/8 of 1% of the guaranteed amount plus GRT, payable upon receipt of Notice of Approval
 Guarantee Fee
Maximum of 2.5% per annum, plus GRT
Amendment or Extension
P5,000 plus GRT per amendment or extension
 Out-of-Pocket Expenses
For account of the applicant/funder as billed
Applicable taxes for account of the borrower

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