Guarantee Program for SMEs

Guarantees on short term loans to  persons or entities licensed to engage in export-oriented activities, as well as activities which, in the determination of TIDCORP, promote and develop the capital goods and import-substitution industries.
Working capital, such as but not limited to:

a) Receivables financing

b) Inventory financing

c) Supplier's credit whether domestic or imported

d) Discounting of drafts drawn against buyers

 Program Features
 Guarantee Coverage
Up to 90% of the principal of the approved loan
 Eligible Borrowers
Any entity, enterprise or corporation organized or licensed to engage in business in the Philippines
 Business Experience
Profitable operations for the last two years
 Debt/Equity Ratio
  • 4:1 Maximum (after financing)
  • Minimum Networth -P500,000
 Loan Amount
Up to P20 Million or its equivalent in US dollars
180 days PN extendible provided that shipment date and/or expiry of LC/CPO is extended but not beyond 360 days.
REM/CHM and/or other acceptable collaterals
 Application Fee
P 10,000.00 plus GRT payable up-front upon application, non-refundable
 Processing Fee
1/4 of 1% of the guaranteed amount plus GRT, payable upon receipt of Notice of Approval
 Guarantee Fee
Maximum of 2.5% per annum plus GRT
Amendment or Extension
P5,000 plus GRT per amendment or extension
 Out-of-Pocket Expenses
For account of the applicant/funder as billed
Applicable taxes for account of the borrower

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